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Lake O' the Pines is a showplace for the beauty of east Texas. A combination of pine trees & hardwoods create an ideal environment for a wide variety of wildlife. It is a haven for bird watching and many bird species are found in the RV park.  

You can hardly walk through the park without seeing Mockingbirds, Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees, Titmice, Crows and many other common species.  Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are common  around feeders. You will often see Red Headed Woodpeckers, Eastern Phoebes, Red Bellied Woodpeckers, and others less common species. If you are lucky you will see a Bald Eagle or an Osprey.  It is a great place for bird watching.

There are many beautiful flowering plants and they attract a wide variety of butterflies and other insects.  

If you look closely, you may see Anolis lizards, sometimes called chameleons  There are also Blue Tailed Skinks and Six Lined Racerunners.  On rare occasion you may see a Texas Ratsnake or near the water, a Blotched Watersnake.  

In the mornings or early evenings you may see deer, opossums, armadillos or raccoons.  

No matter where you look, you will see the beauty of nature.

Lake O Pines RV Marina & Inn is the ideal home base for your nature adventures at the Lake O' the Pines area.   

For more information about East Texas natural history, check out East Texas Naturalist.  It is a blog written by one of our residents who is an ex-biologist, nature photographer and lifelong naturalist. His blog focuses on enjoying nature in the area around Lake O' the Pines, but much of it is about birds, reptiles, hiking, and enjoying nature in and near the Lake O' Pines RV Motel and Marina.